February 2015

February again brought delightful, spring like weather here in Western Montana, while the rest of the country seems to have been pummeled in snow and cold.  I can’t complain, I am a fair weather gal.

Lots of books on pruning have filled my bedside table this month.  I wonder if I will ever truly understand how best to prune my fruit trees. I feel like I have to reference books each spring, my confidence wavers when it comes to tree fruit. I am reading a very good, and somewhat dense book, that a farmer friend recommended to me. The Holistic Orchard, by Michael Phillips.  It got me out there digging up the grass around my apple trees and contemplating fungi vs. bacteria on the orchard floor.  Hmmmm… super interesting and a bit overwhelming, but there is always room to grow when it comes to working with nature.

Also got some asparagus weeded, some raspberries pruned, some hoop house beds made. Sense a trend here?  Yep, now that February is nearing an end it is time to get serious and get on a regimented schedule of farm work and actually checking some things off the list.  I will end this short update with two of February’s highlights:

#1. Spinach!  This hothouse is going to be fun.  Ooohhh we have been enjoying farm frittatas, spinach soups, fresh spinach salads.  Not trying to brag, but hey, having fresh greens in February in Montana feels pretty awesome. We have a lot to learn about hoops!

February spinach in the hoop house. A first!
February spinach in the hoop house. A first!

#2. Repurposed Crib!

Pretty excited for our new farmers market display table.  This crib couldn’t be donated, as all cribs with drop down sides have been recalled for safety reasons.  Used only parts from the crib and I think this two tier display table is pretty sweet.


One thought on “February 2015

  1. Just did my pruning and it was a bit challenging this year as the trees are growing! I’ve learned that it usually turns out fine and that its ok to do a little at a time throughout the year if you feel like its needed.

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