If you would like to come to our farm to u-pick raspberries, please read the following:

We love opening our farm to visitors who want to pick organic fruit.  Please understand the expectations and risks involved. You can also make a full day trip to the Jocko Valley out of it.

First and foremost, you are responsible for your own well being while visiting.  We are a southern exposure farm that gets a lot of sun.  Bring water to hydrate, wear hats and sunscreen.  Our farm is lovely and we try to keep the wild side down, but it is not a manicured park.   We highly recommend close toed shoes and long sleeves for picking.  In addition to stout weed stems that can poke toes through sandals, we have had rattlesnakes on our farm. We have never had a bad situation with them, and we’ve never seen them in the berry patch, but they are around, so why not just cover your feet.  The raspberry patch is also home to stinging insects. If you are allergic to stings, you should not come. (I’ll swing you a good deal at market instead.)  I get stung about once a year and a little baking soda applied immediately does the trick for me.  You assume all responsibility for yourself while on our farm.


We love kids, we have kids, and we know bringing kids berry picking is something that makes summer feel like summer.  That said, you need to be with your kids at all times at the farm.  We can not watch your kids for you while you pick. They can not run free through the fields while you pick (rattlesnakes!).  You are welcome to let them play on our playset while you pick, if you bring another adult to be with them.  If you are coming to get a stash to freeze/jam and have little ones under the age of 5, we recommend leaving them home or bringing another adult.  If you want to spend the day in the Jocko Valley with kids (see below) you can pay our stop and snack fee, and purchase a flat to take home.


Thanks for leaving your pets at home.

Here are some more details:

Price: Suggested donation of $4.00/lb.  We will pre-weigh and label your containers before you pick, and weigh you out at the end.

We have a limited number of lightly used flats and half pint containers available for your picking, but highly recommend that you bring your own.  Yogurt containers, tupperware, and pop flats are all great.

Coolers are great for keeping berries in top shape until you get home.


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